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Here at First Hawaiian Mortgage Assn., we specialize in all kinds of home mortgage loans, conventional loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, rural loans, and VA loans, as well as jumbo loans and loans for first-time homebuyers. All of our clients come from referrals, demonstrating our quality work helping people just like you get into the home of your dreams! “We are able to help you with commercial property mortgage loans as well.”

We Provide Loans for the Entire State of Hawaii

When you choose First Hawaiian Mortgage Assn., you are guaranteed persistence and dedication for all hoping to secure quality home mortgage loans. Call us for more information on financing and mortgages. We will find the right home mortgage loans for your specific needs. We are direct lenders and also have the capacity to broker your loans in order to give you the loan that best fits your needs.

Difficult to Finance Real Estate?
Call on George R. Beavin, J.D. George the "Magic Man" and his staff specialize in a range of services for homebuyers and people that wish to refinance existing properties. We will help you qualify for home mortgage loans so you can afford that perfect residence for you and your family or assisting you and getting what you want out of a refinance. Real estate agents call us first, so why shouldn't you? Trust in us for your mortgage needs.

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